How content-based SEO helps you rank better on Google

This session is for organisations and small businesses looking to build a significant and recognisable presence online.

This is a fully funded online series. It is designed so you can attend as little as one session, or all five to get the most of the series.

  • What SEO is and why you should do it

  • How quality content drives recognition on search engines

  • Simple tips to enhance your search results

Learning outcomes

By the end of the this course you will be able to:

  • Understand how good structure supports your websites SEO.

  • Describe how content drives your search results.

  • Plan your first steps to improve your SEO.

About the trainer

Michael Niles

Michael is a freelance trainer and public speaker specialising in helping organisations with digital marketing, leadership and communication. He delivers relatable, actionable training so attendees can make immediate positive changes to their organisation.