What is the survey about?

The survey is about different types of Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations operating in Hertfordshire and the people working for them, as well as the range of working practises used within these organisations.

Who took part in the survey? 

Anyone working in the voluntary community and social enterprise sector in Hertfordshire, including registered charities, community interest companies, community incorporated organisations, social enterprises and unincorporated clubs or associations.

How are the survey results useful to my organisation? 

  • Understanding the needs and challenges of the workforce

  • Planning workforce development 

  • Informing policy and funding decisions 

“Gaining a better understanding of Hertfordshire’s voluntary and charity workforce provides invaluable insight into trends and issues that impact our staff. HCF’s new workforce development survey report highlights a range of issues and trends including reasons why people leave their jobs to the typical profile of a board of trustees. If your role entails performance management, recruitment, trustee succession, workforce planning or line management this report provides fresh, local insight. My thanks go to everyone who took the time to take part in the survey. ”

Helen Gray, Foundation Director, Hertfordshire Community Foundation

“In order to continue to help meet the needs of Hertfordshire citizens, information about the sectors' make up is essential in building a picture of the VCSE workforce in Hertfordshire. The aim is that this work will support the sectors own drive for change and continued of strategic planning.”

Mark Gwynne, Head of Workforce Development, Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) Adult Care Services

“The aim of this survey has been to recognise the importance of the sector and its workforce in being at the forefront of preventative services.”

Willow Humphreys, Training & Development Project Manager, Herfordshire Community Foundation

2018 Workforce Development Survey

The survey questionnaire was constructed by Hertfordshire Community Foundation Training and Development in consultation with a small working group, and Mark Gwynne from Hertfordshire Count Council Adult Care Services.

We referred to the data used in the Workforce Strategy – replicating where relevant but in other cases taking a different approach more appropriate for the VCS. The final questionnaire is included in the Appendix to this report.

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