Application process

Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and grants will  be awarded until 31st January 2025 or until all funding has been allocated.

Full criteria and details are in the application guidelines document.

If you need support in prioritising your training needs and completing the application, please contact us at [email protected]

How do I apply?

1. Complete the online application form. You will be contacted via email to acknowledge receipt of your application within 7 days.

2. HCF Training and Development will arrange for an advisor to have a phone or online consultation to go through your training needs and discuss your application.  

Workforce Development Grants - Guidelines 2024-25 

Applications must be received by 31st January 2025 and all funded activities finished by 31st March 2025. Monitoring evidence and invoices should be sent to HCF Training and Development before 30th April 2025.  


Support available fully funded on request

If your organisation needs advice about how to prioritise your training needs to complete the application, please get in touch - we can offer a session with one of our experienced advisors. 

Feedback from previous grant applicants

“The team found the course to be hugely beneficial and greatly appreciated the input of a highly skilled and experienced trainer in the field. It has given us a large amount of resources which can be used to deliver educational programmes and having now developed a good relationship with the training provider, we are now able to access ongoing support and advice as we plan and then deliver this work. ”

Dawn Owen, Little Grove CIC

“One of the staff, who's lacked a lot of confidence, has really grown in their role since this training, they're confident at running the sessions on their own. They have come up with ideas and ways that they'd like to improve the delivery of this holistic therapy, all the service users that attend her group session, have expressed how beneficial they find them to their recovery.”

Gary Aldridge, Druglink

“Prior to the training we had promoted one of our sessional staff. This meant that he had increased responsibility for running sessions and managing our sites. This promotion came with added responsibility and pressure which had an impact upon his stress levels and overall wellbeing. Completing the care certificate training gave him increased confidence and allowed him to settle into his new role. He found himself better able to support our clients and more sure of himself when coordinating other members of staff.”

Ed Harkness, Triangle Community Garden